We have some of the best fans! This is our spot to feature the vape stories of TPR lovers, of vapers. Why do we vape? Why do The Plume Room fans swear by the flavors?  TPR’s Customer Spotlight reflects our target market, and stories from our target market. These folks have transitioned into what we all feel is a better way to enjoy our nicotine.   

***These comments and stories do not reflect smoking cessation claims by TPR. Our vape juice products are intended as EVP’s (Electronic Vapor Product). EVP’s were developed as a way to enjoy nicotine- and we ARE on board with that! Customer statements about smoking cessation are based on their experiences. The Plume Room is not responsible for their statements.


Dawn & Homer Myers (Daughter & Father)


Dawn was a TPR fan that got her father to transition from smoking to vaping.

Homer sent us one of the best types of letters after finding TPR. Homer plans on being around to see his granddaughter graduate.
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Matty Burr


Matthew has been a long time TPR fan, who has helped his mother find a better flavor! Matty’s Husband and fur babies are happy they made the switch!
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Josh Wilcher

Vaping for the children

 Josh’s wife and children appreciate the smell of vapor vs. smoking.  “In 2012 when we found out my wife was pregnant with our first daughter, I decided it was time to quit for good.

I wanted to watch my kids grow up.”
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Patrick Riffe

Smoke free radio network Patrick Riffe vaper

Patrick started smoking at the age of 12. "I actually loved smoking. Cigars, pipes, hookah, smoking in all its forms.We traveled to the Philippines to get married. It was during this trip that I promised to quit."
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Lori Doyle

Lori vapes"It was hard to not smoke, every one of my friends and most of my family smoked.
My father was a salesman for RJR, so my brother, sister and I were exposed to cigarettes from the time we were babies."
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