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I am a HUGE Plume Room fan. Let me tell you why. 2 main reasons.

In my personal opinion, Plume Room is in the business of "All-Day-Vapes". Every one of her flavors can be enjoyed all day... arguably all week. The only way I can describe her flavors is deep, rich, and smooth. Enjoy them morning noon and night. Sometimes I realize I have neglected 4 tanks full of different vendors all day because I have been nursing Candied Cavendish non-stop.

The second reason why I love Plume Room is this: None of her flavors require breathing time (I don't like to use the word steep, because to steep something implies you are infusing one element into another. You steep your tea bag in hot water. You let your wine "breath". Same for e-juice... it breaths. But I digress.)

Her flavors are perfect and finished the moment they arrive in your mailbox.



I have recently tried them also. I think this is going to be one my 2 juice companies. I love the authenticity of their juices.
They taste "real" I have fallen in love with their Ramaglias Tuscan Gold. It is a grown up tobacco taste. Not overly sweet, nor bitter. Smooth and clean, not dry. I also got some samples of the cocoa and its also like real belgium cocoa, not swiss miss, or nestle , real not overly sweet or bitter. I also tried a couple of their coffee flavors. It is also so real, that I did not like one of them. I tried their French roast, what can I say, the aroma and the taste were so real I hated it because I hate real french roast coffee, so if you are a French roast fan, you will love it. I did like the ultimate espresso again, real and grown up.

I ordered 2x 30ml of Ramaglias tuscan gold, and a 30 ml of their turkish tobacco with out even trying it, these juices are that good. I know these might not be for everyone. If you enjoy sweet candy like flavor these might not be your cup o tea. If you want real, authentic flavor with real ingredients this might become your need to have on hand always juice house.




"If you can't already tell, The Plume Room is definitely a high quality juice maker with some of the very best juices I have EVER tried. 

I have been vaping almost a year and have tried MANY, MANY vendors. This is probably now my absolute number one favorite juice vendor I have ever tried. I have never liked this number of juices from a single vendor. I am lucky if I find maybe one or 2 juices that I like at a vendor and this has far surpassed my expectation. If you haven't tried them yet you really should. They get a 10/10 from me in every department and the customer service has also been top notch.




My personal top picks from The Plume Room are:

-Candied Cavendish
-Buttery Cinnamon Sweetroll
-Burley & Candy House Extracted Tobacco
-Blueberries and Fresh Cream Artisan

I ordered each of these at the vg ratio suggested by the creator, and I was NOT disappointed in the slightest. These are definitely hands down some of the best flavors I have tried since I started vaping. They are trully exquisite, and I think anyone who tries them will definitely appreciate the exceedingly high quality of these juices.



Videoized fans!

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And of course, you've read the reviews from the folks at Spinfuel...

Beautiful packaging is a great start to the process and The Plume Room bottles, as it turns out, will be deservedly displayed on our shelves. Personally, I hope that as the industry grows more and more eJuice companies will pay more attention to the presentation and follow The Plume Room’s example...."


The Plume Room Signature: It seems that every eJuice brand have an underlying signature flavor. Some of us call it their “base” flavor on which other flavors are created. Perhaps the mixer came up with a good tobacco blend and built out from there. This is known as the “Signature” for that particular brand.

The Plume Room has no such signature. Each flavor stands on it’s own. From flavor to flavor, each was distinct and original. To the team this meant that The Plume Room brand did not “build out” from a single base flavor and instead created each one as an “original”. We can’t say for sure, but that’s how it seemed to us. This is a huge positive.


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