Nic Salt

Vaping is evolving. But not really. The FDA had put a freeze on new products back in 2016.

You may be aware of the “nic salt” fad. Nic salts allow the user to vape higher levels of nicotine, without noticing a harsh hit. Pod systems are primarily the devices using high nicotine nic salts, as they like to offer near 60mg nicotine options in a smaller “puff” of vapor.

Do you need nic salt?

Most likely, no. The Plume Room has been offering high nicotine options that work for most vapers. Google Trends show that “nic salts” are a newer search term. So new that the use of nic salts would be illegal since the FDA froze the vaping industry in August of 2016. No new products were to be released. While there may have been a company or two toying with nic salt products- there were not this many nic salt products on the market in 2016. eLiquid, ejuice and vape juice manufacturers that are not following regulations are the main offenders offering these salt nic products. Why? Because they saw the popularity of JUUL increase, even though the flavors are often lacking. They have no intentions of following FDA regulations, and will cash out when forced.

Better than Salt Nic!

The Plume Room has been offering high nicotine vape juice options since 2012. No fads- just award winning vape juice up to 24mg nicotine (2.4%/ml). This high nicotine option is suitable for all vapers from mouth-to-lung vapers or Direct to lung vapers using sub-ohm vaping equipment. **Most sub-ohm users use much lower nicotine levels than 24mg in their vape juice. Eliquid from The Plume Room is also suitable for most refillable pod systems. So whether you are use pod system vaping, mouth to lung vape equipment or like direct to lung sub-ohm vaping- do it without the short lived fads, and enjoy our premium, award winning vape flavors.

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