Josh vapes for his family
Age: 37
Do you have children/How many? 7 ( Yes I said seven haha)

How long have you been vaping?  
It will be 6 years in October
Did you smoke before? If so, for how long and how many ppd?  Roughly 16 years and 1 to 1.5 packs a day
Why did you start vaping?
Since 2008 I tried quitting using different methods and none of it worked...until I discovered vaping. In 2012 when we found out my wife was pregnant with our first daughter, I decided it was time to quit for good. I wanted to watch my kids grow up. I wanted to live for my family. Vaping gave me that opportunity.
Was is difficult, easy or “in-between” to make the transition from smoking to vaping?  
Much easier than I expected to be honest. I quit smoking completely within 3 days after I started vaping and I haven't once thought about going back.
What was the most difficult part of transitioning?  There was so much to take in, so many different mods, tanks, flavors etc.  Finding what finally worked best for me was the most challenging.
Have you noticed any benefits from vaping over smoking?Absolutely, I feel so much better today than I did 6 years ago. I don't cough like I did with cigarettes. I wake up in the morning being able to breath so much better because I don't get congested anywhere near as often as when I was smoking.  I can play basketball more than 20 minutes at a time without feeling like I need an inhaler just to take a breath. Food tastes better. Such a huge difference. 
Have you had support form your doctor when discussing vaping?
Yes, he's noticed a positive difference in my breathing and energy level and is on board with vaping over cigarettes.
What age did you first smoke?
Have you tried FDA approved methods to try and quit smoking? If yes, did they work?
I tried 2 different FDA approved products in the past before I started vaping, while I could see them helping some people, they didn't work for me, not like vaping has.
What are your favorite type of eliquid flavors:
Tobacco or Fruit/Pastry/Beverage, etc.  
I like some fruits and beverage flavors but my favorites are Pastry/Dessert and flavored tobacco.
Favorite TPR flavors: Candied Cavendish, (This flavor melted my taste buds and won me over permanently), Banana Pudding, Raspberry Peach Sweet Tea, Pistachio Pudding, Strawberries and Cream.
Do you have a favorite Harm Reduction/vape advocacy group? CASAA
Do you feel that the media portrays vaping honestly?
Not at all.  Negative news sells the quickest and it's a shame they refuse to believe what we already know and that is vaping saves lives.
Misc. Comments/freestyle:
Vaping changed my life in a extremely positive way. Not just by helping me quit smoking but by also allowing me to help others stop smoking from family members to total strangers. I owe a big thanks to the people I've met in the vaping community over the past 6 years and also to those I haven't met that have still in some way been helpful in keeping me and others stay off of cigarettes. A few months into vaping I ran out of my then favorite flavor. Being fairly new to vaping I had ordered a ton of samples to try from various places so I went into my box of samples and found one called Candied Cavendish. The name and smell of the juice intrigued me so I filled a tank to give it a try. From that point and still today I've had my all day every day favorite flavor that I loved and never want to be without it. The current fight to keep flavors that we love available to us is one of the most important and challenging battles to date but I'm confident when we all stand together, we can and will win.