Name(s) and relationships if multiple:
Dawn Myers (typing for my dad)
Homer Myers
Dawn Myers – 32
Homer Myers - 57
Do you have children/How many?
Three children – one girl, two boys
How long have you been vaping?
Just over one year
Why did you start vaping?
To stop smoking. I have advanced lung disease. I feel the vaping is helping with my breathing.
Did you smoke before? If so, for how long and how many ppd?
Yes, for 45 years. At my worse, it was two packs a day.
Was is difficult, easy or “in-between” to make the transition from smoking to vaping?
It was easy. I had to switch, or else I would die from the advanced emphysema.
What was the most difficult part of transitioning?
Finding the right juice and nicotine levels.
Have you noticed any benefits from vaping over smoking?
Yes, most definitely. I have more stamina, I can walk further. I breathe better. I don’t have to take breathing treatments as often.
Have you had support form your doctor when discussing vaping?
Yes. My pulmonary specialist has seen an improvement in my breathing.
What age did you first smoke?
14 years old
Have you tried FDA approved methods to try and quit smoking? If yes, did they work?
I’ve tried patches. No, they did not work. I missed having something in my hands, and hitting a cigarette in my mouth.
What are your favorite type of eliquid flavors: Tobacco or Fruit/Pastry/Beverage, etc.
Tobacco, definitely. I’m very satisfied with your tobacco flavors.
Favorite TPR flavors:
Burley and Candy, Candied Cavendish, and M-Type Tobacco.
Do you feel that the media portrays vaping honestly?
No, they don’t portray it as a safer alternative.
Misc. Comments/freestyle:
I have been cigarette free for over a year. I have replaced it with vaping completely. All of my doctors see a definite  improvement in my breathing. I don’t wheeze as often as I did. I can walk two large dogs three hours a day. I just want to say thank you Plume Room for making the best e-juice I’ve ever had. No other brand has been as satisfying. Your flavors are excellent. Also Burley and Candy goes excellent in the morning with a cup of coffee!

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