The Plume Room was established in 2012, quickly earning 20 total Awards from the esteemed Spinfuel Choice eMagazine. We are dedicated to creating complex, unique and delicious artisan eLiquid that’s expertly blended in a lab with distinct flavors to produce the ultimate vaping experience. 

A Little About Our Mixtress:
The Plume Room was dreamed up because so many eLiquids were lacking, leaving vapers constantly searching for the "missing link." Our "Master Mixtress", if you will, has a degree in Laboratory Science and a background of complex cooking, so mixing came as a natural step-(and aren't we glad!)

A Little About Our eLiquid:
We make every bottle of eLiquid here, in a lab, by trained personnel at The Plume Room. Our employees wear personal protection equipment and are educated in safety procedures.

Each flavor is a carefully balanced mix of USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerin and carefully selected food grade flavorings. THE ONLY EXCEPTION is our tobacco blends:

Our tobacco items all contain natural Tobacco Extracts or Absolute, which, although used in the cigarette industry as flavoring agents, are not, technically food ingredients.

Every TPR blend has been formulated to contain a certain "finish" and to complement the blends specific flavors, as well as optimal throat hit and vapor. Each flavor is unique; some are quite potent while others are very subtle. Most of our blends are higher VG.

Thanks for stopping by...we look forward to serving you!