Named "Masters of Flavor" by Spinfuel Magazine.

This collection of 14  Artisan eLiquid includes only flavors that have been honored with the prestigious
Spinfuel Magazine Choice Award.

"When you see the Spinfuel Choice Award  for an e liquid review you’ll know that an expert team of eLiquid connoisseurs have selected and awarded that particular eLiquid with the highest of honors. You can be sure that the eLiquid in question is one that you’resure to enjoy. (providing of course you enjoy the eLiquid flavors described. You wouldn’t enjoy, say, a vanilla-based eLiquid if you disliked the flavor of vanilla).
It should be noted that the Spinfuel Choice Awards is not a competition. The awards are given out to specific flavors that have been reviewed by the Spinfuel Review Team and who have earned an across-the-board 5-Star rating from each member of the team. Each time our team reviews an eLiquid a Choice Award could be given to the flavor being reviewed. Got it? Good!"
-Spinfuel Magazine
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**TPR Wins Spinfuel Vape Mag BRAND OF THE YEAR 2020**

Angel Sauce eliquid
Angel Tears- A honey cream ejuice for vaping.
TPR Angel Tears From $5.39
Bananna Pudding- A very popular vape ejuice from TPR.
Candied Cavendish- Our most popular NET tobacco. Vaping bliss.
Cinna Drizzle Coffee Cake is cake flavored vape.
Citrus Cream ejuice
TPR Citrus Crema From $5.39
The Indian Spiced Tea- Chai. In a vape flavor.
Mtype vape is a must try for smokers.
Magic Melon Medley fruit eliquid.
TPR Magic Melon Medley From $5.39