Our Direct Inhalation Aromatherapy botanical formulations with Botanika are designed to help you through the day.

Our botanicals provide consumers an effective alternative to nicotine and full spectrum support for smoking harm reduction. It provides an alternative to tobacco products for consumers and shops in a nontoxic, non-addictive formula. The blend can also be used as a general-purpose ingredient for nonsmokers and non-nicotine users who want more energy, less anxiety, appetite control and detoxification - providing a bridge to the broader application of diffused botanicals to mainstream wellness.

The well-studied effects delivered by the herbal extracts we choose are documented in the pharmacopeia of botanical ingredients and have been studied for thousands of years in both ancient and modern medical practices.

Direct Inhalation
When used properly, personal diffusers, PV's, ultrasonic diffusers, nebulizers, and CPAP machines are safe and effective for administering a variety of active ingredients. These devices use vaporized water to deliver active ingredients including essential oils for aromatherapy, steroids for asthma and breathing treatments for infants.

Vapers who have already quit smoking but continue to consume nicotine can typically move away from nicotine without feeling the withdrawal symptoms. Once clear of nicotine they can continue to use Botanika products for the healthy effects.

Our botanical formulations do not contain any oil, tobacco derivatives or nicotine. Not to be used with any tobacco product.

Why is TPR offering botanicals?

Since 2012 our mission has been the same. We provide a better alternative to smokers that cannot or will not quit. Every year in the US, 480,000 Americans die from smoking and smoking related disease. Nearly 8 million worldwide! As former smokers that couldn't quit smoking with approved NRT's and prescriptions- we helped innovate successful products in the vape industry. Unfortunately, our industries products were (mis)classified as tobacco products instead of a reduced harm alternative. This adult product lost a war with regulation and public perception due to a variety of dark forces at play. Nonetheless, the FDA has authorized 3 only new products for sale. This includes 2 that aren't on the market anymore, and one option that is old, outdated (carto) technology that very few are interested in. This leaves smokers in the same spot they were in before vaping helped millions of adults find a cleaner way to deliver nicotine. They get stuck with the same quit/fail options that we all failed with. It's quit or die- with no modern, proven, successful technology allowed thus far. SO...

We will continue to help provide alternatives to smokers in the US and abroad, with non-tobacco, non-nicotine botanicals that can be diffused.

 Nicotine free, non-tobacco blends with herbal infusions to promote energy, stress and mood.

*Dietary supplement not intended to treat or cure any disease. *Not intended for use in or with tobacco products.

Magic Melon Botanical