Dutch Cocoa Tobacco

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  • Dutch Cocoa Tobacco- A chocolate tobacco vape.


Dutch Cocoa Tobacco

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Another original from The Plume Room!  This decadent NET tobacco blend is a true luxury blend of light Virgina notes and deep, dutch cocoa. An excellent, rich, full flavored cocoa vape with a delicious room-note.

An excerpt from the official Spinfuel Review:

"While the NET component is key, the overwhelming flavor coming at you is the deep, yet smooth (an achievement in its own right), chocolate. The first couple of drags have your brain and taste receptors sorting through the rich chocolate looking for any signs of tobacco. If you have decent taste buds you’ll work through it and the tobacco will reveal itself in the exhale, and it will be glorious. But, if you have a tendency to allow strong flavors to bury evidence of ‘less strong’ flavors you might never discover the tobacco element.

But so what? Even if you wind up losing the tobacco flavor in this decadent coco blend you won’t be disappointed… if you like the rich flavor of Dutch chocolate."
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Flavor Strength:
Light -   Medium - Strong

Available Base Options:

  • 50 VG/50 PG
Available Nicotine Strengths:
  • 0 mg/ml
  • 3 mg/ml
  • 6 mg/ml
  • 12 mg/ml
  • 18 mg/ml
  • 24 mg/ml

Ingredients: USP Vegetable Glycerin, USP Propylene Glycol, Food Grade Flavorings, Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) and/or Tobacco Absolute, USP nicotine (optional).
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