Vaping- Do Adults Prefer Flavors or Tobacco eliquid? Who Are Flavors For?

Vaping (nicotine) is an adult flavor technology. Illegal for youth. Somehow, our political representatives mistook adult approved flavors as marketing to youth, or developed for youth. Many uninformed state leaders want to ban flavors for this reason. It is a fact that vaping nicotine is illegal for those under 18, and in some states 21. Flavored nicotine vaping is why vaping is so successful.

Adults looking to switch from smoking find that they’d rather not be reminded of a burning cigarette, and thus enjoy Banana Pudding, or a Strawberries & Cream flavor over burning tobacco and paper. The endless flavor possibilities and combinations are the reason that vaping is so well accepted by adult smokers looking to switch. It’s always a better idea when you can skip the combustion while enjoying nicotine. Vaping and flavors allow for nicotine delivery without the main cause of death from smoking- tar! 

Other adult products are flavored. Alcohol? Why ban flavors in other adult products, such as vaping?


The short answer is politics. We know that nicotine vaping is for adults, illegal for minors. Vaping is no different than any adult product with laws against youth use and possession. These flavors are for adults! Below is a small clip of our brief survey of smokers and former smokers.  This survey concludes what we’ve been saying for many years. Adults prefer flavors, flavors help smokers switch- and flavors keep this adult technology interesting and exciting. 


Flavors for adult vapingFlavors help adults switch from smoking

The Youth Vaping Epidemic

The headlines are screaming it. Nobody can control the kids, and they are illegally getting ahold of adult products. This is true. Although more worrisome than vaping, the nations youth are also smoking, drinking and using drugs at high numbers. While the numbers and statistics can be confusing for some, it becomes clearer once you remove 1. Youth that previously smoked 2. Youth using 0 mg (no nicotine) 3. Youth using THC in vaping products, and 4. Youth that experimented once or twice- that there really is no “epidemic”. Kids will get a hold of adult products, and more-so if parents are not involved in their lives. Kids experiment as much as they are allowed to in some cases. The following graph showing youth risk behavior shows that more youth use alcohol, marijuana and weapons than those that vape. Plus- the majority of youth that vape were smokers already. 

Youth risk behavior and ecig use

There are over 1 billion smokers in the world!

480,000 Americans die each year from smoking and smoking related illness. Most of us either know or are close to someone that has suffered the consequences of long term cigarette smoking. It doesn’t fare well for 1/2 of its users, leading to death and disease. Quitting smoking to avoid premature death is advised by most all doctors. Removing the combustion and tar from cigarette smoking would be beneficial to all smokers. 

Vaping & eCigs in the Headlines

The next time that you see a misinformed or sidetracked politician waging war on flavored adult nicotine vaping, know that they are waging a war on adults looking for a better way, and a way out of the “approved” quit/fail cycle that most smokers go through.



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