Vape Shops- Are Your Customers Happy With Your eLiquid Selection?

We're hearing from a lot of our fans that they cannot find an eliquid that they like locally. This makes sense, since most shops go through the same distributors, and buy the same brands that they can get for cheaper. Not every vaper wants the cheapest eliquid though, and many have not been able to find a suitable replacement for The Plume Room since we've been unable to ship to most customers anymore. (We are currently shipping B2C to IA, ND, SD, TN and MN.)

If you are a vape shop- ask yourself if it makes sense to carry only the same brands that every shop around you carries. Your customers deserve more!

Contact us if you are a vape shop that wants to help create happy vapers. Contact us if you want repeat visits from fans looking for our award winning recipes. Contact us if you want different options from every other shop.

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Your customers will thank you!

You're the only eliquid I vape. Love The Plume Room so much!
Something about your eliquid that no other company has come close to producing.
Will travel across the country to order The Plume Room eLiquid!
Blown the F away by The Plume Room eLiquid

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