TPR’s Beloved Banana Pudding is a part of The Legacy Collection, from Five Pawns

Introducing The Legacy Collection, by Five Pawns. The Plume Room’s fans from around the world will soon be able to get TPR Banana Pudding eliquid in a lot of the vape shops that Five Pawns is sold at. Your shop can get this award winning eliquid flavor by contacting Five Pawns. (Wholesale @

Five Pawns Legacy Collection
Legacy Collection featuring The Plume Room’s Banana Pudding
The legacy 5
Banana Pudding- TPR’s award winning eliquid is part of the legacy collection.

We are excited to offer this flavor to more shops. We all know that having the right flavors is the biggest determining factor, aside from gear, for smokers looking to transition. Not only is our Banana Pudding an award winner, but it’s also the #1 selling eliquid from The Plume Room and in many vape shops. You HAVE to try it!!



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