The Plume Room's Vaping and/or Smokers Poll

This poll will have different fields, depending on answers given. If you are currently a smoker looking for help in understanding vaping, there will be a field in which you can leave us your contact info. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you feel stuck! Thanks for taking part!


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Information and help on vaping:

American Vaping Association
Guide To Vaping
Vape Militia
Vapor Talk Forum
Electronic Cigarette Forum



Rebecca Patt

We really like the smooth and mild and will definitely buy that again. We tried the candied Cavendish, and that was not for us, but we are willing to try other tobacco flavors.

Robert tippit

If anything vaping need more guidelines for better grades of juice and optional ingredients.
A standard that’s not overpriced to the consumer

Eugene Washington

TPR Rocks !!!

Keith Fierman

Vaping completely got me off cigarettes. Plume Rooms juices are by far the best in the country!

Laura Kirklin

I just wanted to say that vaping has saved my life. I know you hear that alot, but before vaping I had advanced COPD-I had oxygen in my house, and portable oxygen to take with me. I still took it off and smoked too, because I couldn’t break the addiction. Patches, gum, and that Chantix which made me have horrible nightmare and not feel too good when I was awake, either. Then my wife brought some little ego batteries and the old CE4’s with the string wicks hanging down inside, and 2 weeks later I was finished with cigs. I started at 24mg and now I’ve got several mods and tanks, and I’m down to 3mg. I don’t see myself quitting vaping EVER. Whatever the FDA comes up with, I’ll get around it. I’ve been vaping almost 4 years now and I can breath on my own, no inhalers, meds or oxygen needed. I didn’t gain weight either, as a matter of fact I’ve lost 25 lbs. Thanks for taking this poll. Vape On People-fight for it!!!

travis t linger

vaping has saved my life im a cancer survivor do to vaping and thanks to jason cornfaild from electronic stix now old school vapers .

Allen Kaiser

Started buying my e-juice from Plume Room a couple years ago. Great vape, great service. Thanks

Vincent Migneco

Might be helpful to include more questions and more choices that break down the specific type of device (pen-style, box mod, e-cig), frequency of use, what features are most important, where devices and supplies are purchased, etc.

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