The Plume Room wins Spinfuel's

TPR is honored to accept Spinfuel's "Brand of the Year" award. We know that this market is saturated, and there are a lot of cheap products out there. While we do spend more on our complex recipes- we know that vapers LOVE our product, year after year.

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We award The Plume Room with Spinfuel’s 2020 Brand of the Year recognition.

You would think a decision like this would be a difficult one. After all, there are thousands of e-liquid flavors, and hundreds of brands. For the vast majority, we’ve vaped them all. Many, more than 300, you’ll find reviews for inside Spinfuel. That said, for what it’s worth, the vast majority of brands have outsourced their e-liquids to one of a handful manufacturers that pump them out at ridiculously low prices. Appealing to the lowest common denominator.

The Plume Room is Brand of the Year

The Plume Room has, over the years, honed and perfected many (but not too many) e-juice flavors that never come close to introducing a hint of chemical before or after taste. In addition, by perfecting a varied, but award-winning flavors, they are excellent choices in today’s modern pod mod systems as well as high-wattage, low resistance sub-ohm tanks. Simply put, The Plume Room e-liquids will vape deliciously in ANY vape device at any resistance and any wattage. Just some of the reason for being our Brand of the Year.

Spinfuel Choice Awards and Brand of the Year

Shortly after Spinfuel launched in early 2012 we experienced for the first time the amazing flavors from The Plume Room. In fact, it was The Plume Room that made us want to do something above and beyond a “good review”. We created the Spinfuel Choice Award, and it was this incredible company that was given the first awards.

Since 2012 The Plume Room has earned more than 20 Spinfuel Choice Awards. In all honesty, they should have won awards every single year. But, like many other vapers in the business of writing about vape gear and e-liquids, we too were sucked up in the MaxVG craze and went looking for equivalent brands and flavors.

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