The Best Fruit & Pastry Vape Juice of 2020

-What makes a great vape?

Any vape combo that keeps you off of combustible nicotine delivery options, first and foremost. Often our first “acceptable” flavor isn’t the one that we stick with. In a lot of cases, a new vaper will end up going through dozens of vape juice flavors before settling on one as an ADV (all day vape). Because vaping is a flavor technology, vapers often switch it up- unlike when we had our favorite cigarette flavor or cigarette brand. That’s not to say that every vaper likes to mix it up, or that you won’t find a favorite flavor and stay there for a long portion a long portion of your vape journey. A great vape will keep you satisfied, and not thinking about lighting up. *Once you’ve established vaping as your nicotine delivery method. A great vape satisfies and may evoke song and dance when you find it.

-Cheap VS Gourmet vape juice

Not all flavorings are created equal. There are dozens of different strawberry eLiquid flavorings, as there are with almost every other flavor. Some flavorings are cheap, some taste like soap, some are simply crude tasting. Some, such as Flavourart Italy, have collections specifically made for the vape industry. Some manufacturers might use only one flavoring company, while the master mixers recognize the best flavors from many flavor producers, and blend those into a perfect recipe. 

New vapers are often easily impressed, as this flavor technology is exciting in and of itself. It’s not uncommon to revisit a flavor that you used to love when you started vaping, only to be disappointed with it down the road. Tastes change, as do expectations. There are thousands of vape juice flavors to try. Look for vape manufacturers that offer sample sized bottles, as they rely on your satisfaction before you buy a larger size. There are a lot of hype brands and vape juice names, but you don’t vape the hype- you vape on what’s inside the bottle. 

-Simple VS complex & layered vape juice/eLiquid

Simple recipe vape juice can be good, but there is “cheap fast food simple”, and “good ingredients taco truck simple” analogies that apply. Simple can be exquisite! Then there are gourmet recipes that will blow your mind. The “wow, I’ve never tasted anything better” eLiquids that stand out from the ubiquitous, standard and average vape juice brands that have come to permeate the vape industry.

Taste is subjective. As an adult, you get to choose what flavor suits you. If we can repeat ourselves- look for the manufacturers that bother to offer smaller/10 ml sample sizes so that you can try a flavor before you upsize on a flavor that will sit on your shelf.


-Consistency of vape juice flavor

A good eLiquid manufacturer will make a consistent tasting vape juice from bottle to bottle, batch to batch. While a batch may change color from day one, the flavor profile should remain intact and consistent. *Slight variations may occur with flavorings that use natural ingredients, such as naturally extracted tobacco (NET’s).

-Balanced eLiquid flavor

A good vape flavor will tease you with its complex flavor profile. A great flavor will bring excitement when thinking about your next vape. A poor, unbalanced recipe may leave a lingering or perfumey aftertaste, or perhaps a “one note” profile that doesn’t keep the your interest. Finding well balanced and appealing vape juice flavors are often the first hurdle a new vaper will encounter, barring error with vape gear/coils/temp control, etc.

*Without further ado- here are the top pastry and fruit vapes of 2019*


The Top Fruit & Pastry Vape Juice Flavors of 2019

1. Banana Pudding

Vape this complex, layered vape juice, and try to tell us that you “do not like banana vapes”. Banana Pudding by The Plume Room has been the top seller in many shops, and continues to be one of the top selling eLiquids at TPR. Try it- it doesn’t disappoint! Winner of Spinfuel Choice Award 2017!

2. Angel Sauce

Sent from the angels, to us former smokers. It’s hard not to enjoy this rainbow sherbert vape juice when the mixtress created a gourmet version of our popular childhood ice cream flavor. This eLiquid flavor pops with top shelf citrus’ and cream that includes sweet raspberry, orange and other delicious flavors that we all still love as adults. You can find Angel Sauce eLiquid here. (Link) 

3.  Strawberries & Cream- 

This sweet & creamy eliquid has top notes of fresh, ripe strawberries, tempered with a light cream finish. Rated 4.75 out of 5 Stars by Spinfuel Magazine!

4. Cinna-Drizzle Coffee Cake

First off, this IS NOT a coffee flavor. Cinna-Drizzle is a cinnamon crumble cake that goes GREAT with coffee. The cinnamon is a light, bakery cinnamon that was Winner of 2014 ''Best New Bakery eLiquid of the Year'' from Spinfuel Magazine! Vape your cake and be happy!

5. Magic Melon Medley-  

Another Spinfuel Choice Award Winner! A sweet, fruity, melon vape flavor that almost defies description. 


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