Price reduction on TPR's 10ml sample sized eliquid.

We've lowered the prices of our 10ml sample size bottles. It's now easier to try a flavor that you haven't tried! All 10ml bottles are now $5.99. On the fence about trying a new flavor?...

Let's face it, the eliquid market is saturated! TPR has over an 80% return customer rate. (Thank YOU!) You can feel confident that when you suggest TPR to a new vaper, they stand really great odds of loving their eliquid purchase. And because the eliquid market IS so saturated, we especially appreciate the constant referrals! Thanks for sharing the love if you have! It's great to see vapers haven't lost their good taste, with the rush of "cheap" ejuice flooding the market. #VapeHappy #ThePlumeRoomExperience



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