Another state favors smoking over vaping- and shows it through sin taxes

As we've had to say goodbye to our Indiana customers recently, due to state laws that monopolize the IN vaping industry- we are now having to say goodbye to Pennsylvania vapers, unless they pay a tax of 40%. Until we, as vapers, start voting for politicians that aren't out to kill vaping, there could be many other states to follow.

From Vaping 360

"Pennsylvania vapers could go to prison for buying vapor products online and not paying a 40 percent tax on them. “The penalties for evading the tax include up to a $5,000 fine, or prison time not to exceed five years,” Alex Clark of CASAA told me in an e-mail. You read that right: you could go to jail for buying e-liquid online and not sending a check to the state of Pennsylvania.

It’s even illegal to merely possess products bought in another state. Section 1207-A(a) of the law criminalizes the ownership of any vape device or e-liquid that wasn’t bought from a licensed Pennsylvania seller. So if you buy a mod on a trip to New Jersey or Ohio, merely having it in your possession will make you a criminal after October 1. As bad as the law seemed in our (Vaping360's) original article, it keeps getting worse.

You thought you found a way to quit smoking? Sorry, pay up or possibly go to prison."

The new law will also put a floor tax on all existing stock, meaning that shops with current stock are in for a 40% tax on items already purchased. PA sure hates vaping! Perhaps PA wants its population to smoke instead of vape? Guess they didn't listen to advice from the Royal College of Physicians. It seems a bit arrogant to think that you are smarter than a prestigious order of medical professionals- no Pennsylvania? Sin tax on vaping? WHY?!

Make sure that if you vape (or just hate bad politics), that you vote accordingly PA!

In a previous article on the PA vaping tax, Vaping 360 summed it up perfectly. "For anyone interested in blaming one political party or the other, skip it. This one got support from both parties, as moderate Republicans joined Democrats to pass the budget. Vapers in Pennsylvania should look at the votes (here and here), and call their own house members and senators to express how disappointed you are. Then you should vote them out. And don’t forget Gov. Tom Wolf. He signed the bill within minutes of its passage.

In the end, the $13.3 million in tax revenue the bill’s authors promised will never appear, because many of the stores will probably be gone. The state will actually lose money, because a bankrupt business doesn’t pay sales, business or property taxes, and its employees will be out of work and drawing unemployment and other state benefits."


CASAA's Call to Action for Pennsylvania


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