Our Voices Heard- Amanda Wheeler (AVM) at GTNF 2021

Countless vapor manufacturers, shops and those looking to get away from tobacco are stunned after the FDA provides no pathway for ma and pa innovators of the vaping industry. After most all of our award winning adult flavors were denied, we are left with 6 tobacco flavors to offer to those looking to get away from burning tobacco. WE SELL TO ADULT CONSUMERS! How are we left with less freedoms, while cigarettes are sold in every corner store and C&C? Hear us!

Amanda Wheeler (AVM, J Vapes) represented the vapor industry well at the Global Tobacco Nicotine Forum (GTNF) 2021. Give it a listen and a share!

*** We wanted to share this from the GTNF account, but it was not available. We support this great conference, and will swap out links once it’s published by GNF/GTNF.



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