Lung Illness, EVALI/Vaping Black Market THC

Lung Illness, EVALI/Vaping Black Market THC

In April of 2019, a sudden, deadly lung illness begin popping up in the US. The vape industry quickly knew that it was not related to regulated, flavored adult nicotine vaping products- which have been in use for over a decade without major issues. The media, CDC, political representatives and even public health groups would not divulge solid information to the public. This illness had nothing to do with adult loved flavors or nicotine vaping.

Vaping lung illness not related to ecigs

How does the public get warned about the rash of acute respiratory failure? eCigs/Vaping?

It's reasonable to conclude that warning the public about what products to stay away from would save lives. Media, CDC and political response- almost always mention of ecigs and vaping. Rarely headlines that pointed at the real culprit. Marijuana publication Leafly reported the cause in early September- before CDC. Even after enormous evidence against a lipid additive to black market THC products, CDC and MSM still mention ecigs and vaping, confusing the public. Usually buried in the article the reader will find that black market THC cartridges used for vaping marijuana products are the factor that tied in all of the patients to a cause- Lipoid Pneumonia.The state of Utah had tested lung patients back in September and found the cause of this rash of lung illnesses. e-Cigarettes were not the reason for this lung failure or illness.The black market producers of THC vape cartridges found that if they used a thickener, they could stretch their product- and make loads more profit. Unknowingly to the sellers & buyers- the additive was dangerous. Vitamin E Acetate, a lipid oil, was used as a thickener. The (nicotine) vape industry already knew that vaping oils can cause lipoid pneumonia- all of our products were and are water soluble.

There appears to be mass confusion about what ecigs are, what vaping is and who nicotine vaping flavors are for. As punch drunken political representatives stomp on the neck of the consumer innovated technology of flavored adult nicotine vaping, terms are conflated and used silly-nilly for ratings, clicks and political agenda advancement. eCigarettes/vaping is an adult flavor technology that (usually) delivers nicotine, innovated and adapted as an alternative by consumer tobacco cigarette smokers. This technology has been used by millions for over a decade without issue. eCigarettes do not contain THC, marijuana or lipid based oils. “Vaping” is a verb. A “Vaper” is someone who vapes as a smoking alternative. Marijuana users do not use the term “vaper” to self describe, nor “ecig” to any devices that they use. So why then is our media, public health groups, politicians and the CDC confusing and conflating ecigs/vaping with black market THC products when reporting on illness, still? 

Lung illness slows as CDC finally warns the public truthfully.


 You don't have to wear a tinfoil hat to see that there is an agenda against adult vaping products and flavors. Senators and state leaders have waged a war on vaping in the name of children. This war, despite the technology and product illegality to minors and youth, directly affects adult smokers and vapers- as they are being threatened by legislation. When simple enforcement of the current law is needed, many misguided leaders in the US want to create more laws that will inevitably kill small businesses and take products away from law abiding adults deciding to be non-smokers. The war on vaping is dishonest at best, and corrupt at worst. Blaming vaping and ecigs, while people are dying from black market THC products is not how those in public health or the media should warn the population. Consumers deserve the truth. Adults LOVE flavors. Nicotine products are illegal for youth. Bans on vape flavors protect and bolster smoking and the tobacco industry, while doing nothing to reduce teen access to vaping products. Recent data shows that teens are not vaping because of flavors, just like they don't drink alcohol for the flavor.

Lung Illness Recap

● You CAN'T get lipoid pneumonia from e cigs, there are no lipids.

● The FDA knew it was THC early as they clearly stated in early October 4th.

● The CDC dragged their feet on ecigs vs. THC for a while (all the way through November 8th!), for a reason that one can only speculate. In fact their intentional conflation of THC vapes (what clearly made people sick) and e-cigarettes is scandalous. The delay in announcing that it was illicit THC likely KILLED people. The CDC often makes calls of the source of food contamination without a “smoking gun”.

● EVERYONE outside of the CDC and government Public Health orgs knew this was THC products in SEPTEMBER:

o MedpageToday


o Rolling Stone Magazine yes that’s right, The Rolling Stone did a better job at digging into the story than almost every other media outlet.

● Utah tested patients with lung injury, concluding that Vitamin E Acetate was the cause. eLiquid manufacturers do not use Vitamin E Acetate.

● All but one of these cases are in the US (the other in Canada). Millions of people use e cigs around the world.


How you can help!

Call and write to your city and state legislators. Inform people that you know. Tweet! Call out bad science and incorrect news articles. Call The White House and let them know that you DO NOT support a ban on flavored adult products.

White House Hotline: 1-202-456-1111 or 1-202-456-1414.


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