How to save a LOT of money as a new vaper.

The problem with many eliquids is that they were created by average “cooks“ using average (or the cheapest) ingredients. Think of it this way. You likely have many restaurants in the town or city that you live in. Think of the worst ones. They may create flavorless or overcooked dishes. They cook the dish too long, or too little. Some use cheap ingredients, or too much/too little of an ingredient. In short, there are 5 star restaurants and 1 star restaurants. The same is true with eliquid manufacturers.

One popular eliquid manufacturer recently sent out an email instructing how to steep their eliquid if it tastes soapy or perfumey. What?!?! If eliquid tastes soapy, they are not doing their job correctly, or using the best flavorings! In reality, it takes a talented pallet to make perfectly balanced, award winning, 5 star eliquid. Just as it takes talent to put together the perfect 5 star meal. Some have it, and many don’t.

The flavoring market is filled with many cheap and unbalanced flavorings. This is the reason that most all new vapers will end up with MANY unused bottles of eliquid. This is the reason that new vapers will waste 100’s of dollars before they find their ADV (All Day Vape). We have the solution!

The Plume Room was built on a talented and sensitive pallet, meaning that sub-par “soapy” and “perfumey” ingredients don’t get past the gatekeeper- or get used in our recipes. The Plume Room uses the highest quality and many imported flavorings from one of the best flavoring companies. A flavoring manufacturer that has tested their flavorings for use in eliquid. We do not use the cheapest ingredients, and don’t have the simplest recipes. This is why The Plume Room has won MANY awards and has the MOST 5 star eliquids. This is why YOU WILL LOVE OUR ELIQUID! We still offer smaller, 10ml sample size bottles, knowing that you won’t come back for bigger bottles if you don’t absolutely love our recipes. This is the fairest way to bring your your new favorite eliquid!


You can stop wasting money, stop being disappointed- and LOVE your eLiquid!

We want to give you our “no-brainer” offer. If you’ve never tried TPR, use discount code “Proven” for your first order to save 20%. In addition, we will include samples of our repeat customer’s favorite award-winning flavors. We’ll send a couple samples for each 30mls that you order. As always, continental orders over $60 get free priority shipping. It’s time to really enjoy your eliquid!


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I cannot tell you how many 100’s of bottles of nasty eliquid that I’ve tried and they end up in the trash or I give them away. Some ejuice was the cheap stuff, but not all was just cheap eliquid. The plume room was the first company I found where I could vape several flavors all day as an all day vape. The plume room is simply the best eliquid that I have found. I’ve told several family members and friends and they mostly all agree that tpr has the best ejuice. It’s not the cheapest, but I’ve saved a lot of money on ejuice and haven’t wasted a bottle yet! Thank you Plume Room eliquid!

oh- and super customer service too always!


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