Cigarettes are protected, but we cannot sell most of our products in the US now.

The FDA is handing out MDO’s (Marketing Denial Orders) to eliquid manufacturers as the September 9th deadline hit. The Plume Room has 6 tobacco flavors that didn’t get cut, none of them are Candied Cavendish. What this means? You must live in another country in order to buy most of our award winning adult products. (We cannot ship to most states since the PACT Act was put into effect for vapor products.)

 The tobacco flavors that didn’t get cut were:

  • Arctic Cowboy
  • Burley & Candy
  • M-Type
  • Menthol Tobacco
  • Smooth & Mild
  • Ramaglia’s Toscano

 The above flavors are the only ones that we can sell in the US. It appears that the FDA is bent on making adults keep tobacco in their lives if they use any type of nicotine product (unless sold in flavored gum, lozenges and other quit/fail products by pharma). Of course, cigarettes aren’t going anywhere and are sold on every corner store in the US. Can you say #KeepSmokingTheyNeedTheMoney?

If you are ordering from one of the states that we can ship to, make sure that it’s only one of the above flavors- or we cannot ship. If you live outside of the US, our entire menu is available for now. With drastically reduced sales we will not likely be able to offer our full menu for much longer. How they deem this APPH (appropriate for the protection of public health) is beyond us- we ONLY sell to adults. Adults love flavor.

Adults love flavors




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