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An excerpt from the article by those awesome folks at Spinfuel eCig Magazine!
"Spinfuel, an American Vaper Magazine, is proud to present The Plume Room with four (4) Spinfuel Choice Awards today.

The Plume Room was originally reviewed back on September 12, 2012.
Our panel of eLiquid connoisseurs rated the following four (4) flavors as an across the board 5 stars!

    Sweet Peach
    Magic Melon Medley

Each of the four flavors was found to be outstanding in all the areas our panel considers to be important in an award-winning eLiquid. They are; flavor, texture, complexity, nuance, vapor, throat hit, and an overall vaping experience. An across the board rating of 5 stars is very rare, with The Plume Room being award four of them today they have certainly proven to be an amazing brand with a very bright future.

Spinfuel Choice Awards are presented to eLiquid flavors that have earned an across the board rating of 5 stars from each panel member of the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team. The Spinfuel Staff is reviewing ALL eLiquid reviews published in 2012 and will award the Choice Award to those flavors that earned the 5 star rating from the entire panel."


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Hey Andrea- didn’t you give them the Candied Cavendish? Burly and Candy? Banana Pudding? …So many more deserve 5 stars too!! It’s like you make an artisan ejuice or three for everyone. Your art is appreciated in a world with many subpar and “average” ejuices.

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