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An excerpt from the very well written article by those awesome folks at Spinfuel eCig Magazine!
"...The very first thing you notice about The Plume Room is the packaging. Talk about impressive! I’m not talking about the USPS Priority Mail box that most packages arrive in these days, but instead the one you are presented with inside the USPS box, the glossy black box about 8” square. The Plume Room box is a thick, well-constructed container with a ‘fold’ in the lid that reveals the glass cobalt blue bottles holding the various flavors of eJuice, with black labels for a gorgeous white font spelling out the contents of the eJuice inside each bottle. Like fancy products sold in such stores like Saks 5th AveBloomingdales, and even Neiman Marcus, these bottles have a black “tag” tied around the top of the bottle, under the screw-on cap. Taken together it is the best physical presentation for eJuice that any of us had ever seen. The Plume Room made its impression on us and we hadn’t even opened a single bottle of juice yet. First impressions, you got to hand it to them, they know how to make one.
 Beautiful packaging is a great start to the process and The Plume Room bottles, as it turns out, will be deservedly displayed on our shelves. Personally, I hope that as the industry grows more and more eJuice companies will pay more attention to the presentation and follow The Plume Room’s example...."




Congratulations on the well deserved recognition. You have quickly become my favorite, and I truly feel that I am getting a present in the mail every time I place an order with you.


Awesome review!!!!

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