Since many of you are asking about Andrea and why you haven't seen her active online for a while- we figured that we should make a public announcement and update.

As many of you already know, Andrea had GI surgery at the end of last year. While recovering from surgery, Andrea started to develop new issues. ...A long story made short- we've had lots of trips to the Mayo Clinic and have finally received a diagnosis that Andrea has a degenerative autonomic neuropathy, Collagenous Colitis and Celiac Disease (which we already knew). Some days she has only the energy to shout out "you better make sure orders are perfect- or I'll kick your ass". 

For now, Andrea sends her love and is working to come back to work and bring some fresh recipes. Troop, Sarah, Cory and the team will continue to hold down the fort until then- and as we have been. Rest assured that the TPR focus will always be on Andrea's vision of tobacco harm reduction via clean, premium blends and flavors- with top notch customer service.

Thanks for keeping the MadMixtress in your thoughts. 

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angela pennington

Andrea is one of the last true and honest people. What u see is what u get. She never forgets those who have helped her . She inspires us all! Continue to overcome and may God bestow all His Best to you. Thank u for all uve given.


Hope you’re healing well, Miss Mixtress! As a fellow sufferer of gastro-problems, I can relate. I had a very rare stomach disorder which resulted in the complete removal of my entire stomach. Needless to say, it was and remains HIGHLY unpleasant, and the recovery has been long and difficult. I now vape mostly to satisfy my desire to “taste without eating” and you guys’ e-liquids have proven to be some of THE most satisfying around! So, good luck, and get well!


Hope you are improving and feeling better, Andrea. Good thoughts and prayers being sent your way :).

Leland Hendrix

I wish I had come to know her sooner…I feel honored to have received and email from her.

Such an awesome spirit, I’d bet she’s a fighter and will come through this like no other.

And of course, I’ll be sending up prayers to that effect, flooding with white light.

Jim Patrick

My prayers go out to you, I just started to vape and I just received a couple of flavors & I really enjoy them.Just ordered your Angel SAUCE !CANT WAIT TO TRY ANOTHER GREAT FLAVOR

Daniel L

Wishing you all the best… And a big thank you.


I will be sending the same healing energy to Andrea in my thoughts, that she sends to all of us in her juice.


Thinking of you and wishing for better days ahead! Thank you for all you do~

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