Just a few tidbits a little bird(aka Google!) whispered in my ear! 

The Ultimate Expresso 

"...I have been letting the Ultimate Expresso steep for about two weeks and am just now vaping it, and I really like it!
The vape is very rich, deep, smooth and most importantly, no burnt taste! It has a nice natural hint of sweetness, too, which I love..."

Vanilla Caramel Frappuccino

"...This is my new favorite e-juice. Absolutely delicious..."
"...my current top pick is The Plume Room's Vanilla Caramel Frappuccino. The taste is entirely smooth, rich, and genuine to the name..."

Arctic Cowboy

Video Review of Arctic Cowboy

Burley & Candy House Extracted Tobacco

"...Honestly, this is an all-out experience. Between a great tobacco taste, the slight sweetness, followed by an even different flavor as an aftertaste, all I can say is wow. I expected a tobacco base with some kind of candy, as many companies like to add whatever flavoring they can think of with tobacco. This is not that. This is an original masterpiece. When I first received this it was more of a bright flavor. After a week of steeping the flavors have blended to create a more blended liquid.
The sweetness milds out the rich Burley to create a very enjoyable flavor. When I get a new eliquid I'm looking for originality, creativity, and something that I would struggle to reproduce. Burley and Candy is one of those flavors..."

In General

"...All I can say is...blown away. Both by the taste (only tried 2 of them so far) and by your service..."



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