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Best Vape Juice Flavors

Best Vape Juice Flavors
What are the best vape juice flavors and eliquid? Answer: The ones that work best for you! Taste is subjective. What is a wonderful flavor experience for one, might not be the best for the next person. Additionally, differences in vape gear and wattage preferences can play a role in an optimal flavor experience. Pro-tip for beginner vapers: Try sample sizes as much as you can. Vendors that offer smaller (10ml) sizes are a good route to go when starting vaping. Try small before going big!

What is Vape juice, eLiquid or eJuice?

What is Vape juice, eLiquid or eJuice?
Vape juice, eLiquid or eJuice? What's in a name? Vape juice, eliquid or ejuice- what do you call it? Back in 2011 or so, the industry term for the liquid intended to help adults find a better method of nicotine delivery was "eLiquid" or "eJuice". Trends show that consumers have...

Nic Salt

Nic Salt
Vaping is evolving. But not really. The FDA had put a freeze on new products back in 2016. You may be aware of the “nic salt” fad. Nic salts allow the user to vape higher levels of nicotine, without noticing a harsh hit. Pod systems are primarily the devices using high nicotine nic salts, as they like to offer near 60mg nicotine options in a smaller “puff” of vapor.

Newest Flavors!

Angel Tears- A honey cream ejuice for vaping.
TPR Angel Tears From $5.39
Cinna Drizzle Coffee Cake is cake flavored vape.
Citrus Cream ejuice
TPR Citrus Crema From $5.39
Raspberry Peach Sweet Tea ejuice. A refreshing vape ejuice.
Strawberries and Cream vape eliquid- an award winner!
Tangerine Dream vape ejuice.
TPR Tangerine Dream From $5.39