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What is Vape juice, eLiquid or eJuice?

What is Vape juice, eLiquid or eJuice?
Vape juice, eLiquid or eJuice? What's in a name? Vape juice, eliquid or ejuice- what do you call it? Back in 2011 or so, the industry term for the liquid intended to help adults find a better method of nicotine delivery was "eLiquid" or "eJuice". Trends show that consumers have...

Nic Salt

Nic Salt
Vaping is evolving. But not really. The FDA had put a freeze on new products back in 2016. You may be aware of the “nic salt” fad. Nic salts allow the user to vape higher levels of nicotine, without noticing a harsh hit. Pod systems are primarily the devices using high nicotine nic salts, as they like to offer near 60mg nicotine options in a smaller “puff” of vapor.

Newest Flavors!

Angel Tears- A honey cream ejuice for vaping.
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Cinna Drizzle Coffee Cake is cake flavored vape.
Citrus Cream ejuice
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Raspberry Peach Sweet Tea ejuice. A refreshing vape ejuice.
Strawberries and Cream vape eliquid- an award winner!
Tangerine Dream vape ejuice.
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