Newest Vape Juice Flavors!

Angel Tears- A honey cream ejuice for vaping.
TPR Angel Tears From $5.39
Cinna Drizzle Coffee Cake is cake flavored vape.
Citrus Cream ejuice
TPR Citrus Crema From $5.39
Raspberry Peach Sweet Tea ejuice. A refreshing vape ejuice.
Strawberries and Cream vape eliquid- an award winner!
Tangerine Dream vape ejuice.
TPR Tangerine Dream From $5.39

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Top Tobacco Vape Flavors for 2019

Top Tobacco Vape Flavors for 2019
The hardest part of being a fan of tobacco flavored vape juice is finding a good tobacco vape juice. Agree? In your quest to find a "real" tobacco flavored vape you will likely go through many different brands/flavors/bottles before you settle on one that pleases your vaping tastebuds.

Best Vape Juice Flavors

Best Vape Juice Flavors
What are the best vape juice flavors and eliquid? Answer: The ones that work best for you! Taste is subjective. What is a wonderful flavor experience for one, might not be the best for the next person. Additionally, differences in vape gear and wattage preferences can play a role in an optimal flavor experience. Pro-tip for beginner vapers: Try sample sizes as much as you can. Vendors that offer smaller (10ml) sizes are a good route to go when starting vaping. Try small before going big!

What is Vape juice, eLiquid or eJuice?

What is Vape juice, eLiquid or eJuice?
What's in a name? Vape juice, eliquid or ejuice- what do you call it? Back in 2011 or so, the industry term for the liquid intended to help adults find a better method of nicotine delivery was "eLiquid" or "eJuice".

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