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Angel Tears- A honey cream ejuice for vaping.
TPR Angel Tears From $5.39
Cinna Drizzle Coffee Cake is cake flavored vape.
Citrus Cream ejuice
TPR Citrus Crema From $5.39
Raspberry Peach Sweet Tea ejuice. A refreshing vape ejuice.
Strawberries and Cream vape eliquid- an award winner!
Tangerine Dream vape ejuice.
TPR Tangerine Dream From $5.39

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The Plume Room wins Spinfuel's "Brand of the Year 2020" Award!

The Plume Room wins Spinfuel's "Brand of the Year 2020" Award!
TPR is honored to accept Spinfuel's "Brand of the Year" award. We know that this market is saturated, and there are a lot of cheap products out there. While we do spend more on our complex recipes- we know that vapers LOVE our product, year after year. (Excerpt from We award The Plume Room with Spinfuel’s 2020 Brand of the Year recognition. You would think a decision like this would be a difficult one. After all, there are thousands of e-liquid flavors, and hundreds of brands. For the vast majority, we’ve vaped them all. Many, more than 300, you’ll find reviews for inside Spinfuel. That said, for what it’s worth, the vast majority of brands have outsourced their e-liquids to one of a handful manufacturers that pump them out at ridiculously low prices. Appealing to the lowest common denominator.

How to save a LOT of money as a new vaper.

How to save a LOT of money as a new vaper.
The problem with many eliquids is that they were created by average “cooks“ using average (or the cheapest) ingredients. Think of it this way. You likely have many restaurants in the town or city that you live in. Think of the worst ones. They may create flavorless or overcooked dishes. They cook the dish too long, or too little. Some use cheap ingredients, or too much/too little of an ingredient. In short, there are 5 star restaurants and 1 star restaurants. The same is true with eliquid manufacturers.

Dr. John Oyston on Vaping & The American Lung Association

Dr. John Oyston on Vaping & The American Lung Association
The American Lung Association is using its web site and twitter account to spread false and misleading information about vaping. -Dr. John Oyston Excerpt from I am a medical doctor. In my career as an anesthesiologist, I have seen directly for myself, in the operating room, the damage which tobacco smoking can do to the human body. As a result, I am passionate about getting people to stop smoking. E-cigarettes are very much less harmful than smoking tobacco, and they can be a way to help smokers to quit. I am fed up of the way language is being misused and issues about vaping are being distorted both by the media and by health charities which should know better. The American Lung Association has been one of the worst offenders. I have created this YouTube Video that calls them out on their lies. People should get their advice about vaping from impartial official sources such as Public Health England and Health Canada

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