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Vaping? Don't Ask Us!

  We cannot legally tell you about tobacco harm reduction options, or how we feel about the benefits of vaping.  Freedom of speech does not apply to businesses. Understood. We CAN share the findings of a very prestigious order of physicians- the same people who told us in the US...

Why We Cannot Ship to Indiana, and the Indiana Monoply on Vaping

We are still getting emails asking why we are not selling eliquid in Indiana. There seem to be many vapers that are not aware of the regulations that were enacted- so here's a rundown, in a nutshell. Vaping has been monopolized in Indiana. One security company has been given the...

Newest Flavors!

Angel Tears
TPR Angel Tears From $3.99
Cinna-Drizzle Coffee Cake
Citrus Crema
TPR Citrus Crema From $3.99
Raspberry Peach Sweet Tea E-Liquid
Strawberries & Cream
Tangerine Dream
TPR Tangerine Dream From $3.99